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Nissa Rivard 2012Moran family portrait"livsMaria blows a kiss"Claudia CardinaleShe Turns AwayAB20-2C ROYALTYPortrait of Ms. Shelley Barry, FilmmakerBust of a Young GirlAutumn FallsPortrait of a Young MaidenAbstract Bust 3c*thinking* love on love off (big details)"blanca sketch#b 2011"self portrait September 2011reflectionhalo twins 2011ritamonica sketchfaitholivia's duplicitous red coatShe Turns Away (NFS)Claudia  (ab 24)abstract bust 23 African BeautyOur JusticeMikale and Chrissy Portrait of South African Artist Michael BarryAbstract Bust of a Smiling Girlabstract bust 2wood nymphTribute to G.R.'s Eight Nursesabstract bust 20 african bust 2aportrait of the director Shelley Barryabstract bust 16bust of a young girlSelf Portrait 1prudencezeusabstract bust 3abstract bust 9awoman with a green head scarf
bust of a young maiden or goddess
prudence and christopherself portrait 2 strong and stoic manmodel glancing back
Bust Collection
"The Bust Collection" includes busts and portraits in mixed media and oils in a variety of sizes. The subject matter for these images are likenesses spanning from antiquity to the present and in some cases the future. Portrait commissions are available in this style.
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