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Africa Vistatable mountain as seen from crimson court woodstock"new york streets, brooklyn 3"

staring up at trees #e"new york streets, brooklyn 2""new york streets, brooklyn 1"staring up at trees # dcellular growth romanticizedstaring up at trees #c staring up at trees # bstaring up at treesbouquet study 1aflora and line #aflora and line #bflora and line #c"osmotic monolith"melting ice brooklyn 1melting ice brooklyn 2melting ice brooklyn 3erosion aerosion berosion cold manhattan as viewed over the east river at sunsetmidnight manhattanmelting snow central parkessex street station melting snow as seen from far aboveerosion "floating seeds"strange cloud formations over new york harbor as seen from 69th street pier brooklynweather vains
Recent Abstracts
Here are some of the more recent abstracts most of which draw inspiration from nature as well the disintegration inherent in all living things from the body to the planet.