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Flying Bird South AfricaProtectionSailing Birdsphoenix and hamburgh bantam Donald the Donkeyself portrait 2001portrait of ms. k.r. pateportrait of the writer g.t. McKeown figure of a standing youth
(after late 5th century b.c. sculpture,China)
absolute idols

12 figures
(prudence, christopher, justice, jalena, maggie, anne, david,
gina, milly, shelley, vinnie, penelope)the promenade 
(p and c and cats lead up out of the east river)
the arrival (halo twins 2)the widowhalo twins (angels 3)wise old wolfutilities # 3utilities # 5: birds, lights and camerasreclining nude after phillip pearlsteinprudence in the rare state of time travellost immigrant #2penelope's fall into womanhoodbroken hearted hill childrengreat mother beastfear, evil, pity and martyrdom: the four figuresa chance encounter on icebig city girls
Characters old and new
Some of the mythically themed character driven paintings are represented here. These paintings and mixed media works span about 15 years.